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rank up attempt wowie

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I haven't improved that much since last time oof
the legs on this are all super gross yikes
i should work on legs more those are pretty gross too
i was too lazy to do anything in the background of this one hehe
Posted Nov 20, 17 · OP
Hello! Sorry for the long long wait but congratz!
You've made it to class C :)!
But you're right on the border to C, so here are a couple things from us that we decided to point out to help improve your drawings-
1. So, firstly I'd like to say, thank you for posting so many full bodies haha, even i am guilty of not doing very many, but we noticed your figures were pretty stiff, and some poses a bit uncomfortable. Try to do some of the poses yourself to see if it's physically possible to do it, its a perfect way of seeing is a pose is good or not XD
Some poses can be done, yea, but are pretty uncomfortable ,because well, you might be bending something in a way it shouldnt be bent so just keep that in mind too

2. Ye colors
To me , it's a bit hard to find the shading on certain parts of the drawing (mostly the skin), so it looks like you just colored flats on your lineart. Because of that, it was pretty hard to tell where the light source was actually coming from , even if it was pretty obvious in the middle 2 pictures. I think you mostly need to just boost your values up, and maybe with a different cool toned color, like desaturated blue, because on the areas you shaded for the skin, it just looks like the skin tone rather than the shading. Now for your style, I think a clipping group + multiply cel shading would do the trick to solve your shading problems ( thats pretty much what i did in your color-over anyways) and it already makes a big difference with little effort
But,even though i just slammed down some criticism, I really do like how in the third drawing, you made line between light and shadow softer, it gave a pretty cool effect :d

Anyways, heres all the drawovers cy did (and a little quick color-over from me)
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Posted Dec 10, 17
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