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new rank up

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here i go again! XD
some of my new and improved arts-
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i can’t really post them as pictures atm because i’m on my phone
but there you go.
Posted Oct 8, 17 · OP
The arbiters should be looking over your thread soon. I want to say that you have interesting concepts! You have a great understanding of how fabric/wrinkles work, you got a good variety of poses, and what I find awesome is how you created these interesting themes using a natural selection of colors like green and brown. My favorite one is chained god - I like how you decided to do greyscale and used white on your character make him clearly stand out. I can also see how the pose for this character explains his personality as well.

What you should work on the most are values. This isn't an issue for chained god and sweaters, but you could see how the rest of the character blend with the background. There are few ways to check this. If you zoom out a lot, you can see how the shapes of your character can't be differentiated from the background. If you have glasses, take them off and see if you can make out the shapes of your character. Otherwise, I liek the rest.

good luck on yer rankup~
Posted Nov 1, 17
Hey skully,

You'll stay in the same class for now. Right now you've got full bodies, which is great, but it's kinda lacking in the background and character interaction area, which is what can bring you up to Class C.
I did a draw-over of one of your pictures:
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Your anatomy is pretty decent (esp the girl), but in some areas things just go a bit wonk.
Spoiler: Show
You can see in here that the elbow basically lines up with the base of the rib, and that the thigh is only around 2 heads. In your drawing the thigh's almost 3 heads, which is a bit too long. If you wanna make the dude long, you have to keep the consistency in the torso, legs and arms. Here would be my interpretation:
Spoiler: Show
Obviously it doesn't have to be smol like mine, that's probably just my style of anatomy, but you can see that most of the body parts are consistent in size and length, because it's especially important to keep in mind the relationships between the different parts.

I think another area that you should work on is expressions. From what I can see, your people all have the same basic expression. It helps to experiment with different expressions conveyed through the eye shape, as your ones tend to look like they're squinting or just half closed.

Anyways, don't be put down by this. I think you would definitely make it to Class C, but there are just some things that you haven't included, which brings your score down a bit. (We give out bonus points for char interaction, backgrounds and generally unique stuff).

Keep practicing and try ranking up next time o3o

Oh and thank you Shed for doing a critique before I commented. See what he says as well, every bit helps :d
Das Pigeonman
Posted Nov 1, 17 · Last edited Nov 1, 17