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Hey people!

I'll probably be put into the lowest rank, but I'll improve over time and eventually get up to the top. ;-)

Anyhow, this is my art. It's quite cartoon-y and could do with improvement and criticism. I'm hoping to start a comic account and I also animate a lot. I'd post animations occasionally but I'm focusing on my "art" at the moment. :)

Attached files below vvvv
~in order, top to bottom.

1 + 2.These are part of a comic I worked on recently.

3. Quite an old piece I did for fun in free time. Not looking to edit this. :)
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Posted Sep 14, 17 · OP · Last edited Sep 14, 17
Hey pickle, sorry about the wait!
You'll be put in Class E. You have a consistent style that works for the webcomic kinda thing, although I would say try cleaning up your lines a bit more, especially when you fill and shade in the characters. Don't be afraid to give them a lil more than what you have right now, like clothes, different body shapes etc.

Keep drawing :d and feel free to join our discord server if you'd like to.
Have fun!
Das Pigeonman
Posted Oct 30, 17