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(Old rankup)

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I have spent so much time trying to draw these, and I think i'm finally ready to rankup :d I'm not sure if I should put in some character designs because at this point i feel like they don't matter.

{EDIT} I really like this one so why not
art is fart
Posted Jun 4, 17 · OP · Last edited Oct 18, 17
Ey Soul!
Super glad you did another rankup, because we all see how much you've improved in terms of going outside your comfort zone, especially with all your backgrounds o3o
Unfortunately you till haven't ranked up to Class B, but you were realllly close. (If you want, I can PM you your scores)
I think right now you could work on fixing your perspective -- your third image's perspective is super wonky. I did a quick fix:
Spoiler: Show
Mine definitely isn't perfect because I didn't draw my vanishing points in, but you can see if you just established a horizon line and vanishing points, it can make life a lot easier and nicer.
Also regarding the third image, you need to focus on details and small details. Like the fridge and table are all super wonky, as if you didn't bother fixing them. Straight lines matter yo
Nice variations on the line thickness in the mountain drawing though. Just be aware that the thicker the lines are, the closer they are to the front, meaning you could make the lines thinner at the mountains.
Honestly all you need to do to now is to keep working on your backgrounds and not being so lazy with small details (like the feet. Them toe stumps). I personally liked how you made the characters interact with the background though :d

That's all for now! You're definitely getting there, keep trying ~
Das Pigeonman
Posted Jun 6, 17
oh wow! your art is really cute!
The one where she set the stove on fire is me xD
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Posted Oct 17, 17