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Here is some of my art I've done. I don't have any way to do digital paper it is xd
Posted Apr 29, 17 · OP
Hey there, welcome to Class E!
It's nice seeing the variation of the thing's you're drawing, and you're off to a good start!
Maybe start off with trying some sort of a study, like a drawing from life or from a reference photo. I would recommend things like fruit or teapots, stuff with simple shapes and move on from there. Check out this thread for a more in depth list of what we grade based on, and what things you can focus on. See shading/color and body/object structure.
Posted Apr 29, 17
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Aye Touka! ;3

So, one thing's for sure, you need to work on a few things, but don't worry, everyone does!

Valentine: Your characters are to blocky. Also, the man laying on the bed; his arm shouldn't be that flexible, no less, comfortable. If you use your own body, then you can see whether your character is stiff, or in an impossible pose.

Hit: One thing to consider is the equal length between your thigh and your shin (including the foot). If you were to use your fingers to briefly estimate it's length, you'd see one is better than the other. Even if something is slightly bigger, the lower-lower body would still have that advantage. Also, the fists on hit seem way to small, considering his body size and his buffed up arms. Make sure your hands are as thick as the forearm. As for the eyes; no eyebrows?

Innocence: The eyes are too far spread apart from the nose. Sidenote, Hatsune's legs don't look very comfortable in that position. You also need to try out these positions, if you took a picture of yourself in a certain position and redrew it, you might have a larger understanding on how the human body actually looks like, and not what it seems to be.

Thanks for actually reading this,

kthx bye
Posted Jun 6, 17