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I was thinking, there should be an art request section on the forums! As said in the title its where you can well request art. Just describe what you want and how it should be drawn, and anyone can draw it for you and post it on the thread, it's good as a lot of people are looking for art on enjin and people don't always know what to draw, a request section can significantly help with that. Hope you like the idea
Posted Feb 14, 16 · OP
I don't really think a request section would necessarily fit in with the site. Usagi is a place where people can share artwork with a community of other people, not where people go to request artwork. If someone wants a piece of artwork drawn by a community member, then they're more than welcome to PM that person and see what they say. I also doubt people would necessarily want to keep on drawing other people's requests. Personally, if I have free time to draw, I spend that time working on things that I need to improve on, not working on a request that isn't really helping me improve in terms of my ability.
Posted Feb 14, 16 · Last edited Feb 14, 16
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When I took drawing requests in the past, I did them in exchange for in-game money rather than doing them for free, and I treated each drawing as a challenge to myself to change up the pose each time and I was hell bent on getting my sense of anatomy better (I drew people’s minecraft skins). If I didn't have those piled up at the time, I probably would have never kept practicing digital art as much as I did since I didn't have anything to really draw other than my ocs.
That said, keeping requests bound to a single thread would become convoluted/cluttered if the instance of multiple people requesting at once happens - so making their own thread asking for art in General Discussion should be fine enough.
Here's my two cents and a wall of text to go with it :3
Posted Feb 14, 16
It would be nice to have a Request Section, however Usagi is about improving your art, not having other people make art for you.
Posted Feb 16, 16